A new year on the farm

Along with the new year comes new seed and tree catalogs, new pruners and a new hope for another successful growing season.  It's a time to reflect back on years past and look forward to the years to come.  As we prune the trees that we planted in 2010 we hope the last 4 years of care and training will fruit in 2015.  We put the same thought in as we prune in the old apple orchard that was planted in 1974.  And again this spring as we plant more trees in anticipation for 2019 and beyond.  There is thought that goes into each cut with the pruners, even the cuts made in 1975 effect what will happen in 2015. Much the same way our customers keep us going by trusting and investing in us to grow for their families.  

Our goal in 2015 is to care for our trees and crops the best we know how and to get it to you as fresh as possible.

Thank you CSA members for your commitment. 

2014 Farm Market season is here.

We have one week under our belts for the CSA deliveries/pickups. I hope everyone has enjoyed the "first fruits" of the season with the Chinese cabbages, lettuce, and  onions.  It has been a great season so far for planting and growing, picking and finally, selling our produce at the markets.  Today we start at the Hilliard Farm Market. We are very excited to be involved with a new place to share the bounty of our little family farm. Brian and Paige just finished picking, washing, packing for today.  The peas, zucchini and pickles are showing bloom. Tomatoes in the high tunnel are half the size of a baseball. Be sure to check facebook and instagram forthe latest pics. 

The 2014 Growing Season is underway

I am always excited, and a little nervous to start a new growing season.  I love seeing the new seedlings pop out of the growing mix in the germination greenhouse.  We keep this area at 80-90 degrees to speed up germination.  It still amazes me to watch new life spring from the seed trays.

The little nervous part comes from feeling overwhelmed at times thinking about all that needs to be done before the markets begin.  Besides the nearly 1 million seeds that need to be seeded, then the tiny plants need transplanted into flats and moved to cooler growing greenhouses.  The fruit trees need to be pruned and prepared for another crop.  There are many new fruit trees being shipped here in less than 2 weeks, the new tree block needs laid out, marked and holes dug in preparation for planting the incoming trees.  These new trees are the start of the 2017  growing season and beyond.  Our oldest trees where planted in 1973, I wonder if they where thinking about the 2014 growing season when digging those holes.  There is equipment that needs some maintenance, and 3 greenhouses that need new plastic put on.  Then I think of all the field work that will need done this spring and all the planting that goes along with that. 

And then I realize I love doing all this and I try to keep my mind on one day at a time.  It is nice to have different jobs as the season progresses, and watch the crops go from seed, to seedling, to transplant, to harvest and to you when you pick it up at the market.

I'm fired up, lets get started.


Planting has begun!

It has been a busy month on the farm.  Mother Nature is hard at work providing sun, rain, honey bees and  good temperatures for the crops to be sown and growing. The most exciting thing has been the fruit tree blossoms. They are beautiful and showing signs of juicy, sweet bounty that is to come.

Welcome to our new site!

We have re-designed our site! Please check back with us for more updates on the happenings at our farm. We hope to add more features to the site such as recipes, links and of course, pictures!