A new year on the farm

Along with the new year comes new seed and tree catalogs, new pruners and a new hope for another successful growing season.  It's a time to reflect back on years past and look forward to the years to come.  As we prune the trees that we planted in 2010 we hope the last 4 years of care and training will fruit in 2015.  We put the same thought in as we prune in the old apple orchard that was planted in 1974.  And again this spring as we plant more trees in anticipation for 2019 and beyond.  There is thought that goes into each cut with the pruners, even the cuts made in 1975 effect what will happen in 2015. Much the same way our customers keep us going by trusting and investing in us to grow for their families.  

Our goal in 2015 is to care for our trees and crops the best we know how and to get it to you as fresh as possible.

Thank you CSA members for your commitment.