Join our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

We are now Accepting CSA memberships for the 2018 growing season.   

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What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

A CSA is a partnership between the farmer and community.  Families and individuals who join the CSA will receive "shares" of produce each week during the growing season (mid May to about mid October). Most SHARE pick-ups will be at the farmer's markets we attend. We also offer FARM pick-ups on Tuesday. This share will consist of weekly bags of fresh vegetables, fruit, and flowers, depending on the type of share that is purchased.  This ensures high quality, exceptionally fresh produce and plants to members with delivery within a day of harvest.

In exchange,  the CSA member signs a contract for the season. They agree to pay in advance, and may elect to help with some of the work of the harvest by distribution of the produce to the pick up areas. The  CSA member shares in the risks and the rewards of small scale farming such as weather, insect damage, and bumper crops.

What do the shares "LOOK" like?  Go to this FLIKR link and see what one of our CSA families documented for the 2013 season they ordered a half share fruit, half share vegetables, half share flowers.




Our CSA Options
You may elect to mix the types of share(s) to suit your family's needs.

Full Shares


Half Shares
All three: 

Fruit Share
We offer a limited amount of fruit shares because it is the highest risk for crop failure. One late frost can wipe out a crop of peaches! Weather and pests are a constant concern. 

Pick up your CSA Shares happens at one of our weekly the Farmers' Markets.

Can't make it to the Markets?
We offer a weekly neighborhood DROP OFF (delivery)  if 10 or more families subscribe with us.  This consists of one home "hosting" the dropoffs.  Contact Farmer Brian to organize the details.


Paige's Produce is a local family farm. We carefully plant, harvest, wash and pack to bring you quality produce. 

How to order a CSA Share
You can now download our contract and pay with PayPal, personal check, credit card or order through  our page at  We also have INTUIT if you want to call and pay by credit card over the phone. We also have a storefront to join at 




Order with PayPal

What to expect from Paige's Produce CSA
The weekly harvest share varies from week to week, sometimes even daily. You will get an assortment of 5-9 items for full shares. Half shares will get similar variety and half the portion of a full share. 

The early season, in May and June, will have a light sampling of the crops listed on our What's growing page. Please note these are the things planted in March and April. Spring rains can cause delays in planting.

Flower shareholders will receive a variety of annual flats or hanging baskets in the late spring and mums in the fall from Paige's greenhouse. 

At the height of our growing season in July/August a full vegetable share may include but not be limited to the following:

  • 1 dozen ears of Sweet corn

  • 2-3 quarts of Beans (green yellow wax, shell, etc)

  • 5-8 Tomatoes (varying types and sizes)

  • several Zucchini

  • Squashes

  • Pickle cucumbers

  • Cucumbers

  • Onions

  • many other items (too numerous to list) depending on plantings and weather.

Fruit shareholders may receive strawberries, blueberries, peaches, pears, apples, blackberries,  in  the late summer and early autumn.

**Please note that full shares may vary in variety as well as amount, due to the limitations of the crop yields.

**Keep in mind, these are examples of our typical share. Depending on weather and other growing conditions, the varieties  and amounts of items may change from week to week or even day to day. This is what makes a family CSA farm unique for its members.  You are truly getting the freshest food as it is picked for you within a day of delivery.